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Ilona J. Passino is a unique, mixed media, visionary artist who brings to her work, both the intuitive and visionary skills honed by her training and work in the healing arts, as well as a lifetime of producing fine art.
Ilona's paintings and sculptures have been featured and sold at galleries in San Diego, California; at Sculpture Walk 2000, Sedona, Arizona; and she was a featured artist for over two years at Royce and Bond Gallery in Boulder, Colorado. In 2001 she was selected for two consecutive years to complete large public art projects in New York.
Currently residing in Southern California Ilona is continuing work on a Mosaic series Echoes of the Soul. She has also created an exhibition of more than ten angelic stone sculptures inspired for the purpose of understanding the soul¹s journey from illness to wholeness; entitled The Art of Healing.

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